ShenZhen V-SYS Technology Co.,Ltd 
Corporate Profile
ShenZhen V-SYS Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional digital video recorder manufacturer and solution provider who concentrates on featured DVR production and development.
ShenZhen V-SYS Technology Co.,Ltd annually reinvests 7%-8% of its revenue into R&D for sustaining product innovation and improvement. The mastered core technology of the multi-cameras system, video encryption system, long hard-wired FHD/HD digital transmission, pre-recording storage, etc are used for developing subdivided field products such as taxi DVR, truck DVR, motorcycle dashcam, police body-worn camera, farming DVR, home security DVR, outdoor sport DVR and so on.
ShenZhen V-SYS Technology Co.,Ltd always focuses on differentiated DVR R&D and production based on the features of NTK, M Star, Ambarella solutions meanwhile the cooperation experience with Japanese enterprises built higher production standards than normal suppliers.
Vision: Becoming a century-old enterprise deeply implanted in the digital video recorder field.
Mission: Constantly create value for our customers by supplying excellent DVR solutions and products.
Value: Profession; Innovation; Integrity
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